Ouch! 'Naked and Afraid' Participant Gets Stung By a Yellowjacket — in the Worst Possible Place

After stepping on a yellowjacket nest, Duke Brady learns that nature can be painful

Here’s a hint for anyone who ever does Naked and Afraid: the wilderness is full of things that want to hurt you — or at least make you feel really uncomfortable.

We’ve seen it time and time again on the long-running Discovery Channel show. There are bugs. There is horrible weather. And if you’re really unlucky, there are huge spiders. Last season, the closest contestant the show has ever had to a superhero, Matt Wright, was felled by a flesh-eating bacteria.

In short, participation in the 21-day naked adventure isn’t for the faint of heart.


Just ask Duke Brady. On Sunday’s premiere episode, the affable survivalist learns what happens when a yellowjacket stings a man in the genitals. (To any men who have read thus far, we apologize. It gets worse.)

Brady is partnered with Amal Alyassiri, the first female Muslim participant in the show’s history. The twosome had made it through a lot during their Florida adventure, including hungry bears and even a hurricane. But then, near the end of the adventure, Brady was nearly brought to his knees when he was stung on the tip of his penis after stepping on a yellowjacket nest.

“Of all the places for it to sting me,” Brady laments to PEOPLE. “I was nothing but exposed skin, and it stings me on the end of my, um, well, it really hurt.”

“It was a sharp pain at first,” he continues. “And then it sort of became a dull, throbbing pain. It started to swell up, which really freaks you out to see such an important part of your body swollen like that, when you’re out there in the wilderness by yourself.”

Brady says that he watched in horror as the swelling increased. “I guess I should say that they had to pixelate a lot more,” he jokes, “because it got really big.” (No, guys. This is not an instance where bigger is better.)

Discovery Channel

We’ve seen people evacuated from the show for much less — but the Discovery Channel isn’t saying whether this ended Brady’s adventure. The injury was caught on video, which we have helpfully included at the top of this story. You’re welcome.

The new season of Naked and Afraid premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.

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