'Naked and Afraid' 's Matt Wright Proposes to His Girlfriend – and Yes, He's in the Buff!

"When I was stripped to my bare essentials, I realized what's truly important," the reality star tells PEOPLE

Photo: Discovery

When you’re on Naked and Afraid, you have a lot of time to think.

Participants are dropped into some of the world’s harshest locations for 21 days, armed with only one survival item. Despite having to build a shelter, collect firewood and hunt for food, participants still have a lot of downtime.

Colorado survivalist Matt Wright had a rough go while filming the show in Thailand. It constantly rained, causing the river to swell. He and his partner were separated from the production crew for several days.

After a particularly bad day in the jungle, Wright began thinking of his girlfriend, Brooke Benham.

So Wright, 33, did what any other naked dude in the Thailand jungle would do – he dropped to one knee, looked into the camera and proposed to Benham. (Of course, he didn’t get an answer right away. She was 8,200 miles away.)

When Wright returned to the States, Naked and Afraid producers gave him a copy of his proposal. He set up a tent on a mountainside near Denver, fully decorated with flowers and holiday lights. He then ordered a meal from their favorite restaurant. Over dinner, Wright made his move.

“I pulled out my laptop and told her I had a ‘sneak peek’ of the footage from my episode,” Wright tells PEOPLE. “She started laughing, ‘You are so naked. Look how skinny you are.’ I told her to keep watching because it would get better.”

“Then she noticed I was addressing her in the video,” he says. “When I dropped to a knee in the video, I dropped to a knee in the tent and asked her to make me the luckiest man in the world.”

Wright, who once went with PEOPLE on a Naked and Afraid experience in Belize – is an accomplished metalworker who makes and sells hunting knives. Using his skills, he not only designed the platinum ring, he made it himself. (Nice going, Matt. Way to raise the bar for the rest of us guys.)

Of course she said yes. (At that point, how could she not?) The couple will exchange vows on June 25 in Colorado. And no, Wright will not be naked during the ceremony.

Wright’s episode of Naked and Afraid – which includes a harrowing scene of him navigating a swollen river – airs Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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