While surviving in the wilderness, one participant gets some very personal bug bites


Naked and Afraid is truly not for the faint of heart.

Participants are dropped into some of the world’s harshest locations for 21 days, armed with only one survival item. It’s intimidating, even for the most seasoned participants.

And here’s a fun fact: there isn’t a huge camera crew with them. For much of the adventure, the participants are truly by themselves. (They film each other with handheld cameras.)

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On Sunday’s episode of Naked and Afraid, the adventurers have some unwanted visitors when they’re attacked by bugs. (This was after they dealt with the snakes.) The female participant tells the camera that she’s getting unwanted bug bites, so she fashions her survival item – a mosquito net – into a bikini bottom.

“They’re biting me hard and they’re biting me too many times,” she says. “I’m trying to keep them out.”

Naked and Afraid airs Sunday night at 10pm EST on the Discovery Channel.