Whitney Way Thore's trainer, friends and family pressure her to confront her health scares in an exclusive sneak peek from My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 3

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated June 08, 2016 01:00 PM
Credit: TLC

Whitney Way Thore isn’t quite ready to face up to her health scares – despite well-meaning concern from friends and family.

In an exclusive sneak peek at the third season of Thore’s TLC reality series My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Thore is confronted about what her peers call a “food addiction,” but brushes it off.

“If you were being 100 percent honest with yourself, you would admit that you have a food addiction,” one of the guests on the radio show Kiss 95.1 FM asks Thore, who earlier declares, “I wanna be fat.”

Later, during a session with her trainer, Will, he advises that she not make excuses for overeating. “That has noting to do with the food,” he says after Thore complains of back pain, causing her to breakdown in tears, saying, “Please don’t put that on me right now.”

“Why didn’t I do something more?” Thore, 32, questions following a doctor’s visit.

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The I Do It with the Lights On author also worries about the status of her relationship with boyfriend Lennie in the preview, driving past his home in the early morning hours to find his car absent.

“There’s just no reason that he would not be home at 3 in the morning,” she frets, later “stress eating” while pondering life without Lennie.

The nine-episode, third season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.