Everyone knows the best way to find your new favorite show is with a little help from your current obsession
Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Neilson Barnard/Getty

Some days, it can feel like we have too many options for what we want to watch on TV.

Between the networks, cable, streaming and DVRs, it’s almost impossible to figure out what’s worth watching (and what to skip). Luckily, there’s an easy way to find the show that will become your newest obsession – by looking back at your current favorites for inspiration.

To help you build your dream fall TV line-up, we’ve highlighted five shows that are perfect companions to the ones you already love.

If You Like The Office, Try The Muppets
Sure, they might not seem particularly similar on the surface, but both shows are filmed in documentary style, both feature a large cast of eccentric, hilarious characters that are ripe for absurd and amazing side plots, and both feature a meant-to-be couple at its center, who we hope will get together by the end of the run. (Sorry, not sorry, Denise!) In essence, all The Muppets is really missing is Steve Carell.

If You Like Scandal, Try Quantico
Political intrigue, soap-opera-level drama, a no-nonsense lead with a complicated personal life and plenty of illicit affairs … are we talking about Scandal or Quantico? (Both, it turns out.) The newest addition to ABC’s drama lineup is bound to pair just as well with your extra-large glass of red wine – better get your fingers warmed up to start live-tweeting.

If You Like The Mindy Project, Try Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Both shows are slightly ridiculous, unconventional rom-coms centered on an over-the-top, high-achieving heroine prone to – shall we say – unpredictable behavior. Added bonus? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is part musical. Besides, you know that if Mindy Kaling‘s Dr. Mindy Lahiri could sing her way through her day-to-day interactions, she totally would.

If You Like Dexter, Try Wicked City
If the thought of the Dexter finale still puts you into a rage blackout, perhaps Wicked City might be what you need to move on. Ed Westwick‘s serial killer gets just as much screen time as Jeremy Sisto‘s cop, and the show itself promises to be just as dark, twisted and bloody as its predecessor.

If You Like Parenthood, Try Life in Pieces
Like Parenthood, the CBS sitcom follows three generations of one family and tackles everything from college applications to new babies to complicated new relationships. However, Life in Pieces does seem much less likely to make you sob your eyes out week after week – at least from the preview. See, families can be happy!