The band is rocking a new, plugged-in sound

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 12, 2015 02:10 PM

Most of the press surrounding Mumford & Sons’s new record has been about the band progressing from their traditional acoustic arrangements to a more electric sound.

And while it wasn’t exactly Dylan plugging in at Newport, the band did use their appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend to show off some of that electricity.

Marcus and company played “The Wolf,” off their new record, Wilder Mind, swapping their banjos and Marcus Mumford‘s traditional single foot-drum for a full kit. Between his jangly electric guitar chords and the very “Heroes”-esque swells of feedback during the song’s verse the band’s taking more cues from the 1980s than the 1880s at this point.

But the live set at least hasn’t lost an inch of intensity – check out Marcus blast through the song’s build and final chorus. Looks like they’ll be all right without the banjo.

Wilder Mind comes out May 4.