MTV Reboots 'True Life' : Meet a Woman Who Spent $10K on a Butt Lift to Look Like Kim Kardashian

True Life/Now, set to premiere Wednesday, will uncover stories of real people immersed in today's biggest social phenomena

MTV is revamping its award-winning docu-series True Life — and episode 1 will be all about America’s royal family of reality TV.

True Life/Now, set to premiere Wednesday, will uncover stories of real people immersed in today’s biggest social phenomena, ranging from celebrity fandom to photo-filter addiction.

The first episode will examine three subjects obsessed with the Kardashians. In a teaser, the show introduces Sherrah, a 26-year-old bartender from Brooklyn, New York, who spent $10,000 on a Brazilian butt lift and $700 on lip injections.

“To be complete, I’d need to spend like, another $100,000,” she says.

“The Kardashians have become the idea of what beauty is, so I feel pressured to have a big butt, or have fake boobs, because this is what society deemed as beauty,” she adds.

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In another teaser, the show introduces Graysen, a 21-year-old eyebrow stylist from Jacksonville, North Carolina, who says he has dreams about the famous family “multiple times a week.”

“I love the Kardashians because they’re more than just like, idols,” he says.

But Graysen’s obsession might be affecting his relationship with his husband Jaquan, who serves in the United States Marine Corps.

“Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with his changes that he makes,” Jaquan says. “He wants to upgrade himself every second, every minute of the day.”

New episodes will air every Wednesday, tackling people who are obsessed with obtaining “the perfect booty,” looking like a Snapchat filter in real life and more.

The original True Life premiered in 1998. New episodes haven’t aired since June 2017.

True Life/Now premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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