Breakout Star of MTV's True Life, Charlie Balducci, Dies Unexpectedly at 44

Charlie Balducci reportedly died at his home in New York on Saturday

Charlie Balducci
Charlie Balducci. Photo: Charlie Balducci/instagram

Charlie Balducci, whose wedding was documented in an episode of MTV's True Life in 2002, has died. He was 44.

Charlie died at his home in New York over the weekend, TMZ reported Monday.

He was reportedly found unresponsive around 9 p.m. on Saturday and was pronounced dead on the scene. Charlie's mother told the outlet that his death was unexpected.

Charlie's cause of death is currently still pending, the New York City Medical Examiner's Office told E! News. Further details around his death remain unclear.

The show followed Charlie and fiancée Sabrina's slightly chaotic journey to the altar in 2001 which included the then groom-to-be having an expletive-ridden meltdown after his limo driver arrived late.

"I will gut you like the f— piece of s— you are," he said in a clip that was featured on the MTV show. "I'll hunt you down like f— cattle."

Addressing his iconic meltdown years later, he told 20/20 that the pressure had been building over the four months of filming and he also did not want to upset the priest.

"And I'm, like, 'Listen, is there anything you need me, to specifically do?'" Charlie told 20/20. "He pulls me to the side, he says, 'No, but there's something I don't want you to do.' I go, 'What's that?' He goes, 'Don't be late.'"

"In defense of myself, I really did what any Staten Islander would have done in that situation."

Charlie and Sabrina have two teenage sons.

Charlie later founded the nonprofit organization NYC Arts Cypher, which promotes "positive values through arts and entertainment programs, projects and events," with a particular focus on "at-risk youth who have difficulty working in an educational setting."

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