August 07, 2018 06:00 PM

Watch out, Teen Mom — there’s a new mommy squad in town.

PEOPLE can exclusively announce that MTV is debuting a brand new series, MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas, set to premiere on Aug. 30. The show follows a group of best friends in San Diego — Nicole, Chandlar, Nikki, Alyssa and Cheyenne — as they juggle the demands of their luxurious lives all while raising their children.

At the epicenter of it all is Nicole, 24, who is balancing graduate school, her social status and motherhood while living with her parents — and a full-time nanny.

“We live the best life,” she says in the trailer. “High fashion, cute boys, and the hottest parties. Oh yeah, and we’re amazing moms.”

But it’s not all glitz and glamour: Nicole is struggling to make her life as a single mom mesh with the party life her boyfriend, Michael, leads.


As for the rest of the squad? There’s Chandlar, 25, who had been exiled from the group for three years but recently found common ground with Nicole. She has a daughter, Aubrey, with her ex-boyfriend who was paralyzed after a BMX accident, and has another child on the way.

Alyssa, meanwhile, seems to lead the perfect life. At 25, she’s mom to son Kayden, engaged to his father Brandon and about to graduate nursing school — but her mother’s failing health has thrown her life into chaos.

Then there’s Cheyenne, 24. She’s the only married one of the group, but with two kids, she’s got her hands full. Meanwhile, her husband Teli has a hard time keeping a job — and living at dad’s house is making life tough.

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Last but not least, there’s Nikki, 24. As the newest member of the group, Nikki moved to San Diego from Singapore to attend college before getting pregnant unexpectedly and welcoming daughter Alaia. With her blossoming modeling career and social media videos racking up the views, can Nikki’s relationship with Alaia’s father Ryan grow as strong as her YouTube channel?

“We’ve been through a lot — but in this mom squad, we’ve got each other’s backs,” says Nicole. “Well, mostly.”

MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas premieres Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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