Three Best Moments at MTV Movie Awards

From Emma Stone's tear-jerking roast to the fight of the night, relive Sunday's ceremony


Whether you’re a fan of fangs, wand-wielding wizards or those fresh-faced kids from The Hunger Games, Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards had a little something for every film fanatic – in the form of laughs.

And if you missed some of the show’s more memorable moments, is breaking down the highlights.

1. The Shirt-Off

The show could have taken a turn for the worse when Channing Tatum didn’t take his shirt off on stage while introducing the best on-screen transformation category with Matthew McConaughey.

“Not you, not here, not right now,” McConaughey told Tatum mid-strip tease attempt (a tongue-in-cheek nod to the category they were introducing, which ultimately honored The Hunger Game‘s Elizabeth Banks).

But saving the night: a half-naked Joe Manganiello, who goes by Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike, a comedy partly based on Tatum’s pre-celebrity life as a male stripper. (The movie arrives in theaters June 29.)

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2. The Ultimate Punch Line

Don’t mess with Charlize Theron.

The actress proved she would make a viable contestant in The Hunger Games while presenting two of its cast members the golden popcorn for best fight.

When Prometheus costar and fellow presenter Michael Fassbender, boasting about his “fighting Irish” abilities, voiced his hesitancy about a staged fight (“you’re a girl,” he quipped”), Theron was hands-on in her approach to prove him wrong.

That’s right – she punched him.

Emma Stone: A Mean Girl?

She’s not acting – those looked like real tears!

Stone made a misty-eyed speech about embracing “what makes you unique” while accepting the first-ever trailblazer award, moments after she was both praised and roasted by some of her peers.

But, surprisingly, it wasn’t their tongue-in-cheekily cruel words that made her emotional. (“I saw her kick a blind kid,” longtime fan Jim Carey, who also showed a doll of what their kid would look like, quipped. “Emma thinks she invented dubstep,” Mila Kunis added.)

“I hope you’ll find your trailblazers,” she told the crowd. “What sets you apart can feel like a burden, and it’s not a lot of the time. It’s what makes you great.”

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