April 10, 2016 08:20 PM

Twenty-five years later, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart made it clear they still want their MTV.

After thundering to the stage in a Mad Max-esque entrance, the hosts of this year’s MTV Movie Awards, flanked by the movie’s pale-skinned War Boys, pumped up the crowd with an energetic opening monologue show that also paid homage to its silver anniversary.

In a moment that drew both laughs and aww‘s from the audience, the pair shared photos of themselves snapped 25 years ago.

“That’s a turtleneck and a fanny pack! That’s a bad package right there!” Hart commented on an old, now-viral photo of Johnson wearing a black turtle neck. “That’s a bad package you have right there.”

Johnson even poked fun at himself – although he warned the crowd not to laugh – adding, “Those were the days of me being a biff lesbian!”

Hart delivered an expletive-laden explanation for an old photo of himself as a kid holding a cake in front of his pelvis, joking that he often put his family jewels in cake.

American Pie? They stole that from me!” he said.

With Johnson as cohost, there was sure to be a “The Rock” moment.

The former wrestler did a brief bit of himself beating up a gang of attackers – he appeared to violently thwart the attackers without even touching them.

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