June 08, 2004 08:00 AM

MTV viewers won’t be catching a glimpse of Eminem’s hindquarters when the network airs its MTV Movie Awards on Thursday.

During his appearance last Saturday, the Grammy- and Oscar-winning rapper, 31, performed with D12 and repeatedly groped and flashed a studded codpiece on stage – in front of TV cameras and the crowd. Toward the end of the gig, down came his pants and the thousands of people in the audience got a good look at his bare backside.

During the performance, D12 came out in costume, with Eminem in a red wig, looking like Axl Rose while another member dressed like Slash. As one eyewitness tells PEOPLE.com: “When he mooned, he tripped and had a hard time keeping his pants up – almost saw you know what!”

Representatives for MTV were quick to respond on Saturday, telling the Associated Press that the stunt would be edited out of the broadcast. Reps for the hip-hop artist declined comment.

Eminem bared his bottom earlier this year during a performance in Germany, but ever since Janet Jackson’s Feb. 1 Super Bowl stunt, broadcasters have been sensitive to what makes it onto the air.

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