Moriah Plath Opens Up About Her Breakup with Max in 'Welcome to Plathville' Clip: 'He Made a Mistake'

Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt were in a relationship that started during season 2 of Welcome to Plathville; season 4 of the hit TLC series premieres Tuesday, May 17

Moriah Plath is opening up about her breakup with Max Kallschmidt in the new season of TLC's Welcome to Plathville.

In an exclusive clip from the season 4 premiere, Moriah is emotional as she confirms that she and Max are no longer dating.

"So, a couple weeks after I moved to Tampa, Max called me one night and just said he made a mistake," Plath says in a confessional interview. "I'm not going to go into details. Since then, I have been in a dark place."

In order to cope, Moriah has turned to writing music. In the clip, she sings an original song seemingly about the split with lyrics like, "Trying to picture myself, who I'll be when it's been six months without you but all I see are the promises that you couldn't keep" and "I know I should hate you but I kind of miss you."

Moriah Plath, from TLC's Welcome to Plathville
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Moriah's heartbreak stems from the depth of her connection to Max, who gave her a promise ring in season 3 of the hit reality show.

"It hurts really bad, especially when you think that you found the one and you had all of these plans of forever, and it turns out to not be true," she says. "It made me feel worthless for sure. It made me feel like I had poured everything that I had of my heart to be treated like I could just be traded for anything."

She also says that she hasn't communicated the unspoken "mistake" with anyone. "My life really fell apart, and since then I've kind of just secluded myself. I'm scared to share what happened with anybody because if I say it out loud, it becomes real."

Moriah Plath Instagram
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Fans of Welcome to Plathville speculated that Moriah and Max split sometime after Halloween 2021, as that's the last time Moriah shared an Instagram photo of them together. Their suspicions were amplified when the couple appeared to spend Christmas separately, and when Moriah released her first pop single.

The song, called "Missed Myself," features lyrics about moving on and getting back in touch with one's self. "Like heavy chains pulling me / I let you get the best of me / But that won't mean / You can control who I'll be," she sings.

Another line says: "Here's to reservations I made / With my new therapist / Moving on with my life / Now I'm just killing it."

Moriah and Max began dating in season 2 of Welcome to Plathville, which aired on TLC in 2020.

Season 4 of Welcome to Plathville premieres Tuesday, May 17, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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