Morgan Stewart Tears Up While Discussing Her Divorce: 'Love and Marriage are Two Different Things'

Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick
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Morgan Stewart is still sorting through her emotions when it comes to her split from husband Brendan Fitzpatrick.

While discussing Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich reported marital troubles on Thursday’s episode of E! News’ Daily Pop, Stewart held back tears as she reflected on what caused the end of her own relationship.

“I don’t think it’s ever a lack of love,” she said. “Love and marriage are two different things. You love somebody, you marry them, but marriage is an act of work every single day. Some people just don’t have what it takes to do that with the person they married.”

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills alumna noted that in spite of all the love she and Fitzpatrick shared, things intensify once you begin to “really doubt” seeing a future with your partner.

“I don’t think you ever think in terms of ‘We’re getting divorced, ” she said. “You think in terms of ‘Am I going to be here in 15 years? Is this really going to sustain itself?’ ”

“Ultimately, it was like we are not functioning as two people that are going to be able to bring children into the world, be together at 45, we just don’t have that,” she continued. “I now know this was the right choice.”

“And when you really start to doubt that and really not be able to see a future to sort of navigate the way out of the mess you’ve created, it’s just a general feeling that sort of overtakes you,” she revealed.

Stewart filed for divorce from Fitzpatrick in October at three years of marriage.

Morgan Stewart
Morgan Stewart. Amy Sussman/Getty Images

She announced their split in early August on her Instagram Story, writing, “Brendan and I have spent six wonderful years together, but we have made the difficult decision to go our separate ways.”

“I wanted to take the time to clarify that our reason for separating has nothing to do with anything other than two people who sadly grew apart, deciding what’s best for themselves in the next phase of their lives,” she added. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extremely heartfelt and supportive messages so many of you have sent.”

The former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills costars got married in 2016. The couple gained fame as part of the original cast of the reality series in 2014, and he proposed to her on the show in 2015.

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