By People Staff
Updated July 31, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Patrick Wymore/FOX;

On his new reality dating show, More to Love, big-boned single bachelor Luke Conley says he was always been hampered in his love life because of his weight.

“Growing up, I was poked fun at because I was a chubby kid,” he says in the show’s premiere. Watch a clip of the show.

And in a recent interview, he said his weight made him the shy guy. “I would find out about girls with crushes on me,” he said, “But I never knew what to do about it.”

Conley’s high school sweetheart Gaylyn tells a different story. He was “the tall, buff, football-playing boyfriend” all her friends were jealous of, she tells, which also posted old photos of the couple together in skinnier times.

In the images, a slender and athletic Conley looks ready for the prom, poses with his shirt off and is surrounded by girls. More to Love? More like more to disclose. –Michael Y. Park

Tell us: Does this change your opinion of Luke or FOX’s new show?Patrick Wymore/FOX;