'More To Love' : Mandy Misses The Final Two

Photo: FOX

“Three girls got tickets to paradise, but only two were allowed to stay on Tuesday’s episode of More to Love.

Grilled Cheese: Luke threw a welcome luau for his trio of potential wives when they landed in Hawaii. Malissa got the first date, swimming with dolphins at the Sea Life Park. Luke questioned her ability to commit and worried she was just ‘in it to win it,’ so he grilled her over a picnic. She seemed to tell him what he wanted to hear, swearing, “The crazy dates – I love them but I just want to hang out with you.” The interrogation continued at Benihana where they discovered they were both scared of rejection. Luke showed a little insecurity of his own since Malissa had never dated a man of his size. She retired to his room and tried to put him at ease on a petal-covered bed (a classic). He admitted, “Because I’m so attracted to you, I feel like you have the most potential to break my heart.”

Fish Out of Water: Luke took Tali out on a boat and we learned she is afraid of the ocean despite having been in the Israeli navy. When he suggested snorkeling, she froze. But as she often reminds viewers, Tali’s a fighter, and she inched down the ladder with the help of a multitude of flotation devices and Luke’s patient encouragement. At dinner, Tali confessed she was falling in love. Luke basically said ‘ditto’ and swooped in for a makeout session. “I’ve never been affected by a woman in the way Tali affects me,” he said. She was giddy about going up to his room where a bubble-filled bath awaited her. Their divergent backgrounds weighed heavily on his mind.

Wheel Love: Luke surprised Meltdown Mandy (Does this girl own a bra?) with an ATV ride through the jungle, which seemed fun but not really conducive to his date objective: getting her to let her guard down and tell him how she was really feeling about him. They got some quality time in during lunch. “Mandy might be the most ready to be in a relationship with me,” he said. “She possesses everything I am looking for in a wife.” She was perhaps a little too honest about being annoyed by the circumstances and seeing “the person you’re falling in love with look at another woman in a flirty way.” But Mandy lightened up and let loose on the night cruise, and they spent the rest of the evening swapping spit and discussing how good they’d be for each other under the stars.

Shore Leave: They skipped the usual pre-elimination festivities and Mandy was the one left without a ring this week. “I felt her disappointment and broken heart,” Luke lamented. “The last thing I wanted to do was hurt a girl I care about that much.” Mandy was so upset that she couldn’t even get her words out. She cried and hugged Luke tightly and the emotions flooded once she got in the limo. “It really hurts to let go of someone you connected with and let be a part of your life and heart. I thought I was the one who got to be with him after this. He would be a wonderful husband and father. I feel really lost.” – Carrie Bell

TELL US: Did Luke make the right decision or does Luke need her today, oh Mandy?


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