By People Staff
August 19, 2009 12:00 AM
Sarah Kehoe/FOX

More To Love‘s Luke told two more contenders to take off their rings after three mack-heavy dates and one cruel game.

Truth Hurts: The claws came out when Luke asked the girls to judge each other in a game of good wife/bad wife. Lauren called Kristian “too emotionally unstable for a serious relationship” and Kristian labeled Malissa “high maintenance.” Lauren didn’t give anyone a good mark except Melissa — perhaps she didn’t consider her a threat. But the vote of confidence didn’t save Melissa from getting the lowest rating for being too young and inexperienced to wed. She, of course, cried but it worked out in her favor as it earned her an alone date. Heather also got one for getting the highest marks.

Mo-Rockin’ Good Time: Luke took Melissa out for Moroccan cuisine to figure out why she scored the worst: When the skinny belly dancers walked in, her face sunk and she was negative during the lesson. She wouldn’t even try most moves until Luke made a rhythm-challenged fool of himself first. She’s a nice girl and seeing her confidence grow every week is special, but the point is for Luke to date ’em not fix ’em.

Fit For A Queen: Heather got her hair and makeup done and was given another formal gown before escaping with her prince charming to a castle. She was giddy when he said that he wanted to be her “special guy.” Talk turned serious over dinner when Luke wanted to know her thoughts on children. She’d never pondered kids and he didn’t seem pleased with her desire to be a “career mom.” When he told her with a straight face that he had three kids, her “just got sucker-punched” expression said it all.

Spa Date: On the way to a day of relaxation, the girls admitted being jealous of Heather. Lauren called her a freak for “trying to get Luke’s heart with affection.” Later, the girls were back in their swimsuits and it still gave many of them panic attacks. During her one-on-one in the bubble bath, Malissa flirted heavily and made suggestive puns. Mandy started to crack under the pressure that comes with hearing about others’ exploits with her man. She confronted Luke about it during their massage, but wound up kissing him in no time. Tali finally spent some time with him, but it didn’t look like enough fun to justify being kept around for another round. Lauren complained not getting enough time with him despite being the best bride choice, and when Luke joined the other girls in the hot tub, she was fuming.

Goodbye Girls: Although he questioned Mandy’s mental capacity for dealing with group dating, she made the cut as did Anna and Kristian. Lauren and Melissa did not get rings. “It would have been nice to bring home my first boyfriend to my parents,” Melissa said. “I don’t think this is the end of my fairy tale. I will have a happy ending.” –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Will you miss Lauren and her brutal honesty? Was he right to dismiss Melissa? Will Mandy be able to keep it together?Sarah Kehoe/FOX