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Updated August 05, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Patrick Wymore/FOX

It’s week two of More To Love and with all the tears, it’s looking like More To Cry About. The claws came out on Tuesday’s episode, feelings got more intense and big-n-tall bachelor Luke sent three more girls home.

Size Matters: The contestants’ heights and weights were gone from the screen but viewers were still reminded at every turn that that they’re watching plus-size dating show. Every date has a very noticeable food component and the ladies’ were shown cooking, eating, and talking about steaks, carbs and dessert. (Sure, they do dinner on The Bachelor but the meal isn’t exactly highlighted.) The women endured a schoolyard pick for two group dates, which sent several into hysterics and left the uncalled woman feeling uwanted.

Singled Out: But the humiliation had a happy ending — Christina got the only alone date. Luke whisked her and her “bangin’ body” away via private jet to Las Vegas. “Because I’m bigger, I have never had a date like this,” she said. Luke was obviously attracted to her — he went in for kiss — but he admitted they may not connect “on a deeper level.”

Cruising Together: On board the Dream Maker, Luke wondered if he should go to a seasick Heather. Hoping illness would cut the competition, Malissa snuck off with him to make out because she’s got her “eyes on the prize.” Kristian seemed too attached to Luke and was already planning their future. (Later, when she announced she was going to sneak into his guesthouse to leave a love letter, Bonnie said, “Please leave a creepy I-was-in-your-house note.”)Heather‘s upchuck worked in her favor as he spent a long time checking on her and admired that she stuck out the sail.

Taking the Plunge: Team Anna was sent on a pool party date, which practically sent them into hysterics. “This is literally my first date and it has to be something I’m not comfortable with. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry,” Melissa said while bawling. To make them feel more comfortable, Luke did a shirtless cannonball and liquored them up. Kudos to Arriane for the bikini, but she faded into the background, which probably got her eliminated.

Cocktails & Kickoffs: Lauren proved to be an anything-to-stay player. Before the ring distribution, she critiqued her competition, telling Luke Arriane didn’t want kids and calling Vanessa old. “Older women aren’t exciting,” she said. “They’re past the stage where they want to go bungee-jumping and swimming.” The two girls she discussed were sent home alongside Magali. The gals were sad they didn’t find love, but left with more confidence. Arriane summed it up best, saying, “I don’t know what I could shift, change, do and I’m not willing to do that anymore because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me.” — Carrie Bell

Tell us: Did Luke send the right women home? What do you think of the remaining contestants?

Patrick Wymore/FOX