By People Staff
October 16, 2007 12:00 AM

Cameron gets a superhero bruisin’, Jennie has a 90210 reunion and more…

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Super Cameron: With his family and All My Children costar Rebecca Budig (and her husband, former Bachelor Bob Guiney) rooting him on, Cameron Mathison leapt and bounded his way to a 27 out of 30 last night. “This was a bit of a breakout week for me,” Mathison told PEOPLE. Did his Superman-inspired performance live up to the superhero hype? “Absolutely,” partner Edyta Sliwinska said. “It was so challenging to choreograph, but I knew he could do it.”

Putting in such a stellar physical performance has its price, though: While rehearsing for the paso, Mathison injured his hip flexor. “I heard a really loud snap,” Mathison said. “But in the performance I was able to kind of land it. We got it checked out earlier today, and it’s definitely not a tear. It’s a little tight and bruised, that’s all.” Reunited and It Feels So Good: Just as she supported him last year during season four, 90210 alum Ian Ziering came out to cheer on his former costar Jennie Garth. “We’ve been in touch this season, texting back and forth, but that all really started last season when Jennie was on my phone every other day,” Ziering told PEOPLE. “She gave me tons of support and encouragement, and I’m just here trying to give back tenfold.” Garth repaid the favor by grabbing Ziering’s hands and giving him a kiss on the cheek before the show began. “You did great,” Ziering later mouthed to Garth from his seat across the floor.

On top of skill, Garth might have luck on her side as well. In a strange coincidence, Ziering said of Garth’s voting number, “She has the same number that I used to have.” “Really?” Garth squealed. “Yeah! I’ll vote as many times as I can,” Ziering said.

Bottom’s Up: Coming off their last place performance, Mark Cuban and Kym Johnson seemed a little down–but not down for the count. “I loved everything about tonight’s performance,” Johnson said. “I was really happy with how it went, I just wasn’t so happy with the judge’s marks.” Added Cuban, “I didn’t think we were the worst ones out there tonight–I really didn’t. But they’ve got to pick on somebody, right? It’s good motivation.”

On the other hand, fellow low scorers Floyd Mayweather and Karina Smirnoff were in good spirits after the show. “Floyd jumped so high I thought he was going to take off on a flight to Europe,” Smirnoff told PEOPLE. Next week, expect a hair-raising performance from the duo: “If we make it through, I want us to wear Afros,” Smirnoff said for the upcoming samba.

Pound for Pound: All the ladies are tightening, toning and feeling the burn, including Sabrina Bryan and Marie Osmond, who are both on NutriSystem. “I think right now, need a role model to see what’s a healthy body type,” Bryan said. “I didn’t come on the show to try to drop a lot of weight… I’m on the show to have fun, and right now I’m having fun, and one of the benefits is that I’m getting into shape and staying healthy.” Adds Osmond, who is 20 pounds lighter since she began her NutriSystem diet and exercise regimen: “I encourage everyone to keep voting for me because it’s a really good diet program for me! Let’s hear it for the over-40 chicks.”

On the flip side, Mel B., who said she felt “bloody great,” swears she’s gained five pounds: “I don’t care!” the Spice Girl declared “Because I like it. I like what’s going on. And the guys here that make the costumes do a great job. They suck you in and tighten you up.” –Kristen Mascia