Monday's DWTS: What You Didn't See


The Show Goes On: Marie Osmond returned to the ballroom with as much enthusiasm as she could muster, her brother Donny told PEOPLE. Osmond’s father, George, passed away last Tuesday. “Marie was having a hard time before the show,” he said. “I was backstage helping her do it and I said ‘come on, you can do it. I’ve seen you do it in the past and you can do it again.’ … It was our father’s spirit within her. She did it.”

Marie managed to get through two dances on Monday night, though practicing was no easy feat with the family’s decision to keep their commitment to Oprah and tape an Osmond family 50th showbiz anniversary show last week. Given all that Marie had to take on last week, Donny says, “I think she did a great job.” Jennie Garth agreed, calling Marie’s appearance “incredibly inspiring,” remarking, “I could not personally do that. I would be unable.” Top Banana: Mellow yellow Helio? Hardly! Helio Castroneves was called a “dancing banana” by judge Bruno Tonioli after a show-stealing fox trot with partner Julianne Hough. Make that top banana: Castroneves’s Mask-inspired routine had the crowd and the judges on their feet, not to mention it earned the evening’s only perfect score. “I think this was our best week,” Hough says, adding, During the dance, Castroneves planted a big old smooch right on Hough’s lips. “He’s a very, very good kisser,” Hough said, laughing and winking. “Okay, okay,” Castroneves conceded that it was all for the show. “I think I had the most fun tonight.”

She’s Got Legs: Jennie Garth has dropped two sizes, thanks to the show. The newly discovered body part she’s most proud of? “My lower legs! I’ve never had very shapely legs and now they are starting to get some definition,” Garth said, admitting that she’s hoping she’s got legs to stand on for two more weeks. “Mentally you try to block out the other stuff around you and just focus on the dance, pace yourself.”

Mel to the Maks: Participating in DWTS is somewhat like running a marathon and contestants either have to hunker down and forge ahead or take a five-minute breather before pushing on. Maksim Chmerkovskiy says his season four partner, Laila Ali, “was a machine,” while his current partner, Mel B., falls into the latter category.

“Mel is learning 20 routines with the Spice Girls and when they are all done with their ten-hour day and everybody is saying goodbye, she has to then start with me and it’s always at night and it’s very difficult,” Chmerkovskiy says. “I was at her house on Saturday and… I walked out on the patio outside her daughter’s room and there was Phoenix, baby Angel and her passed out on the bed. I could just see that she came home, worn out, passed out exhausted. And that’s the only quality time she gets with her kids right now and I feel bad about that.” –Monica Rizzo


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