Monday's DWTS: What You Didn't See


Mel B. is fueled by girl power, Marie is a doll of a mom and more…

Spice World: Garnering more attention than the dancers were Mel B.‘s fellow Spice Girls, who came to their first show of the season! The gals sat in the front row next to Brown’s husband, Stephen Belafonte. They hooted and hollered after their pal hoofed an admirable cha-cha, which was the first dance of the night.

After the show, Geri Halliwell told PEOPLE that she was “so proud of Melanie. … We have come as her sisters to support her.” During the commercial break before Brown’s freestyle routine, Halliwell even displayed some of that Girl Power solidarity, hustling backstage to give her pal a pep talk. “I said to her ‘believe in yourself.'” Baby Love: Not every 48-year-old woman can pull off ballroom dance competition on live television, unless you’re Marie Osmond. No matter what, “my kids think I’m cool!” says Osmond, who went from a size ten to a size four during her run on Dancing. Usually they’re like ‘oh, I’m so embarrassed by my mother. But they are not! They are so proud of me.” And despite earlier media reports, Osmond’s son Michael, who is in rehab for a substance abuse problem, will not attend Tuesday night’s finale, though, Osmond says, “all of my (other) kids will be here.”

Working Through the Pain: For those who felt Mel B. and Maksim Chmerkovskiy‘s freestyle was subdued, think again. The Dancing pro tells PEOPLE he gave it all he had with an injured back. “It is what it is. I don’t like to take pills,” Chmerkovskiy says. One thing that brought a smile to his face was thinking of his partner, who left immediately after the show to go to a Spice Girls rehearsal. “She’s an amazing girl… I took her aside tonight before the show and I told her this has been the most exciting three months of my life. She dropped a little tear. It was very sweet.”

It was also a difficult week for Julianne Hough, who was battling a bad case of bronchitis. Hough, who barely had a voice after Monday’s show, says she’s used to competing with pain. “It’s my job. It’s my passion. It’s a good problem to have to be in the finale.”

Judgement Day: Perhaps the finale’s biggest disappointment–at least to the dancers–was the judges’ critiques. “They kind of deflated everybody’s sails,” Jonathan Roberts said. But the ever-upbeat Osmond chimed in, “I was really happy with our samba… It takes dancers years to be able to do that so come on, ten weeks. I think I did pretty good.” Helio Castroneves was none too pleased either that he and partner Julianne Hough were robbed of a perfect score for their freestyle routine. ” I can’t believe Carrie Ann gave us a nine. I’m very upset. I told her she looked beautiful when I saw her before the show. I told her ‘wow, you look great.’ And then she still gives us a nine,” Castroneves joked.


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