By People Staff
September 25, 2007 12:00 AM

It was the mother of all premieres as Julianne cheers on her brother Derek, Drew Lachey steps in for host Samantha Harris and more…

Sibling Shout-Out: “I’m so proud of my brother!” last season’s disco-ball trophy winner Julianne Hough exclaimed of her brother Derek’s DWTS debut. “He did so great. But I’m also very proud of Jennie. Technically, as a dancer, her arms were fabulous. She’s nervous, but I think she’ll get into her own skin and start expressing herself even more. She’s going to do really well.” It’s a Boy … Replacement!: The good news first: Host Samantha Harris had a healthy baby girl on Sunday morning. The bad news? Her replacement–and season two’s champ–Drew Lachey, didn’t as much time to prep for his gig. “Samantha had to throw a monkey wrench into that plan,” Lachey joked. With only 36 hours to learn the ropes, Lachey didn’t flub a line or blow a cue. But he did miss the dancing–for a minute. “Then I remember how my back hurt and my knees hurt by the time it was over and I’m happy with my new job,” he said. “I’m all dressed up and somewhere to go for once.”

Need for Speed: Racecar driver Helio Castroneves regularly drives at speeds up to 175-200 m.p.h. But the thought of dancing in front of a live TV audience “is freaking me out right now. “I’m shaking,” Castroneves said. “I don’t bite my nails but I was sitting there shaking my leg I’m so nervous. When you have to sit there and just watch it’s the worst. We’ve been working so hard. I want to get out there and dance.”

What, Me, Worry?: Supermodel Albert Reed admits that he’s a bit nervous about performing Tuesday night. “Wayne Newton and I were comparing notes about the cha cha cha tonight,” Reed told PEOPLE. “I’m worried about him. He’s worried about me, so we’re in the same boat. I’m going to go home and stretch, have some salmon and then get a tiger balm back massage.” –Monica Rizzo