By People Staff
Updated October 02, 2007 12:00 AM

Jennie loses it after her spill, Marie has a touchy moment and more…

Mommy Dearest: Audible gasps filled the ballroom as Jennie Garth and partner Derek Hough took a spill at the end of their quickstep routine. Already battling a cold and laryngitis all week, Garth was shaken by the spill but maintained her composure while the cameras were rolling. But the minute the show ended, Garth made a beeline for her hubby, actor Peter Facinelli, and daughter Luca Bella. The family embraced and Garth’s tears flowed. “It is paramount to have them here with me,” Garth sobbed to PEOPLE. “To have my daughter here and see me make a mistake and get back up is a good lesson for her.” Puppy Love: Marie Osmond had the support of brothers Jimmy and Donny in the audience. During one commercial break a fan in the balcony told former teen idol Donny she had his poster on her wall when she was a girl. Osmond kindly acknowledged her by blowing a kiss. Several commercial breaks later it was brought to Osmond’s attention again that another fan had his poster on their wall. That’s when judge Len Goodman shouted, “When I was nine!” Osmond leapt out of his seat, ran across the dance floor, grabbed Goodman’s head in his hands and kissed him, much to the delight of the audience.

A Touchy Subject While brother Donny was feeling the love, his sis Marie was feeling pain… lots of pain. Instead of getting an inaugural DWTS spray tan like other contestants, Osmond decided to hit a tanning salon. “They said it’s your first time. Maybe you should do 20 minutes and I said that sounds like too much. How about 15 minutes?” It was still too much, and Osmond’s back got scorched. “We were doing rehearsals yesterday, and every time Jonathan (Roberts) touched me I moaned in pain. But tonight I said, ‘what the heck? We gotta do this.’ So I popped a couple Advil and I suffered through it.”

Can You Hear Them Now? He’s used to making left turns on the racetrack, but Helio Castroneves had all the right moves when he and partner Julianne Hough mamboed their way to the top of the leader board with the evening’s highest score: 27 out of 30. “I’m shocked,” Castroneves gasped after the show. While he humbly accepted praise from several of the pro dancers (high-fives from Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Tony Dovolani), he proudly showed off the inside of his jacket. The lining was lemon yellow and bedazzled with dozens of sequins. While the guys applauded his show-stopping attire, it was the audience that got Castroneves’s thumbs-up. “I can hear the audience clapping and cheering and it’s fuel for my energy,” he said. “It really keeps me going. When I am in a car I cannot hear anything, so this is great.” –Monica Rizzo