By People Staff
Updated May 13, 2008 12:00 AM

Carrie Ann Tangos with Her Top Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas‘s tango had a surprising effect on the judges. Len Goodman looked deadly serious during the number, while Bruno Tonioli fanned himself with an open hand. As for Carrie Ann Inaba, she almost lost her top! As she stood to deliver her assessment of the dance, her long gown got caught in her feet, and the embarrassed judge had to clutch her bosom to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. “It was a very ‘Carrie Ann’ moment,” she later laughed of her slip-up, “I think that’s why they have us judges sit, and I don’t think that I’m allowed to stand anymore.”

A Dozen… Proms? Inaba’s big night didn’t stop with her almost flashing the nation. During a commercial break, a young male fan held up a poster-sized photo of himself and the dance judge, then yelled out a prom proposal that left Inaba blushing. “I have to ask my boyfriend if I can go to the prom with Brandon,” she said. Inaba, with beau Artem Chigvintsev in tow, later laughed about the surprise prom proposal: “I went to like, eleven proms. I was the friend that a lot of didn’t think of as a ‘girl.’ I was the ‘buddy,’ so I got invited to a lot of proms.” As for making it an even dozen, Inaba could only chuckle, saying, “I would have to think about it, but I think that my boyfriend just said no. If he had said ‘yes,’ I would have gone.”

Emmitt: Back in the Ballroom Season three DWTS champ, NFL’s Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith, proved that he still can strut his stuff. As the audience warmer pulled three women out of the crowd onto the dancefloor, Smith wowed the audience by jumping up from his front-row seat and joining in. He brought the crowd to a near-frenzy (one woman screamed from the balcony, “Emmitt, I love you!”) as he did a non-traditional ballroom dance that looked to be part funky chicken, part salsa. Smith (with wife Patricia) was seated alongside Jason Taylor‘s brother-in-law (and former Dolphin teammate) Zach Thomas. Another Dolphin, legendary quarterback Dan Marino, who was not in the stands, had a message for Taylor: Don’t return to Miami without the DWTS trophy. Taylor’s response? “I’m going to look for a realtor tonight, here in L.A., maybe find myself a house here, because I might not be able to go back if I don’t win.”

Marissa & Tony: Dancing as One Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani performed their passionate rumba with Winokur’s fishnet stockings getting caught on the sequins of Tony’s pants, not once, but twice. “He literally had to rip me off the side of his body,” Winokur exclaimed, “It happened twice, my fishnets got stuck on his sequins… and he literally ripped my pantyhose to get me off of his leg.”

More Stuff You Didn’t See: • Jason Taylor has a new dance move: blowing a single kiss to his wife Katina as he takes the floor for each of his dance numbers, and repeating the loving gesture after he and pro Edyta Sliwinska complete their routine. • Cheryl Burke and Cristian de la Fuente pulled off a Viennese waltz that had judge Bruno Tonioli leaning over the judges’ desk, grinning madly. Tonioli continued to wave his arms after he finished critiquing the dance number, which led head judge Len Goodman to playfully do a spot-on imitation of Tonioli’s mad gesticulations. The pair ended up laughing, both doing identical “Bruno” poses in their chairs.