By People Staff
Updated March 30, 2010 12:00 AM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

ROLE REVERSAL: Last week she exuded naughtiness, but on Monday’s show, Pamela Anderson channeled sensuality. “I think it’s an evolution of the character. You gotta keep giving them something different every week,” says Anderson, who adds, “I love the theatrics of it all.” But most of all, “I want to learn. I am determined to learn. I want to get all the dances down.” Anderson tells PEOPLE her sons Brandon and Dylan have been cheering for mom. “They’ll probably be watching tonight with Tommy Lee, their father. Tommy said we switched places last week and he’s being mom and I’m at a dance party,” Anderson said, laughing.

Another couple changed roles this week: Mark Ballas and Shannen Doherty. While rehearsing for the jive this week, Ballas injured his right knee when he took a fall. “I am having an MRI tomorrow, but I should be fine,” he said, noting that moments before he and Doherty were about to perform Monday night, he forgot part of their routine. “Like 20 seconds before they announced us he was like ‘What’s that one part again?’” an incredulous Doherty said. “I was like ‘No, Mark, that’s wrong!’ I was teaching him!”

‘SCENT’-UAL DUO: Not only did Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger walk away with the evening’s top score for the second week in a row, but they received beautiful leis from Scherzinger’s parents. “My mom and dad are visiting from Hawaii and they brought some ginger leis, some puakenikeni leis. It’s really special,” Scherzinger said after the show. Backstage fellow cast and crew took in the pleasantly scented leis. Could that be what it smells like to be on top? “It’s unbelievable,” Hough says of receiving two 10s (from judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli) in the show’s second week. “From now on it’s like the pressure’s on because you have to maintain that,” Hough says.

KIDS’ CHOICE: Kate Gosselin turned 35 Sunday — and contrary to tabloid reports she was not alone. In between rehearsing the jive, it was a weekend full of pampering and indulging for the mother of eight. Gosselin, who’s been commuting between her Wernersville, Pa., home and Los Angeles to compete on the show, received a special birthday surprise from her kids this weekend. “I celebrated with the kids on Saturday,” she said. “They gave me brownies and ice cream – that’s my favorite thing, brownies — and oh my gosh, I had two! And they made me breakfast in bed. And then on Sunday on the DWTS set they had a cake for me after I messed up. It was delicious. I had two pieces! I think two is my number this weekend.” Midway through Monday’s live telecast, as the show went to commercial, Gosselin signed an ‘I Love You’ message into the camera for her eight kids.

PEP TALK: Any athlete will tell you, there’s nothing like a good pre-game pep talk. That’s what it was like for Evan Lysacek and Chad Ochocinco, who both got a boost from they care about a lot. In Lysacek’s case, the support came from his Olympic skating coach Frank Carroll, who attended Monday’s show. “He gave me a little pep talk before the show and he said ‘it’s not about the scores, it’s about the viewers,’” Lysacek said. Meanwhile, some of Ochocinco’s NFL friends, including Terrell Owens, former season 2 finalist Jerry Rice, sat in the audience to cheer on the Cincinnati Bengals star. “It’s cool and fun. You want to perform for them, but you’re somewhat out of your element,” Ochocinco said. “But to have them here and to have their support was pretty cool. No matter what the judges say, you know these guys have your back.” –Monica RizzoCraig Sjodin/ABC