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Marissa Brings Up the Rear While Cristian de la Fuente’s secret weapon seems to be his one good arm, what’s kept Marissa Jaret Winokur in the competition? “I have big hair and a big rear!” joked the actress, adding, “My secret weapon is the fact that I have not lost a single pound during this competition! I may be the first person in the history of DWTS that hasn’t lost weight during the show!” Joking aside, Winokur said, “This may sound like the sappiest thing that you’ve ever heard, but we just met a girl here that was from Make A Wish… I had cancer, so the bottom two–this is not what is going to make us cry!”

One Arm, Two Legs and One Tiny Fan Despite dancing through the pain of a ruptured tendon in his left bicep, Cristian de la Fuente and partner Cheryl Burke did more than bounce back into the competition, they took the top spot. “If we would have left last week, we would never have experienced this,” said de la Fuente. “We would have left without ever having the excitement of getting a ten!” As the actor spoke to the press, his daughter Laura ran up to hug her dad, do a little dance, then pull out a homemade paddle that had a score of “ten” on one side and a photo of a smiling Cristian on the other. “That right there,” said de la Fuente, “That is like a score of a thousand for me!”

Kristi’s Battle Cry For her samba, Kristi Yamaguchi hit the parquet as if she were going to battle, pounding her fists against her thighs, huffing and puffing her cheeks and cracking her neck to the point that host Tom Bergeron couldn’t help mirror her pre-dance regimen. While partner Mark Ballas stood relatively still, Bergeron spent the short break mimicking Yamaguchi’s pre-dance warm up, going so far as to pound his thighs and laugh as he puffed his cheeks out.

Jason’s Oscar-Winning Handicap Despite ending up in the bottom of the DWTS pack, Jason Taylor has an Oscar winner in his corner: Denzel Washington. “He has been a great source of advice and has been mentoring me a little bit,” the always-modest Taylor said. “We talk everything, we talk dancing, we talk some football, obviously we talk about his craft, so we talk some acting… he’s been a very good source of information for me.” –Reagan Alexander

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