By People Staff
Updated October 20, 2009 12:00 AM
Adam Larkey/ABC

In Kelly’s Corner: During a commercial break warm-up guy Cory asked an audience member seated in the balcony who her favorite dancer was. “Kelly!” the fan from Sacramento screamed, which prompted proud dad Ozzy Osbourne to applaud and smile. Seconds before dancing to her father’s 1980 song “Crazy Train,” Kelly ran up to kiss Ozzy, who had a front row seat next to his daughter’s boyfriend Luke Worrell and Castle star Nathan Fillion.

Another Injury: By the end of Monday’s show, Kelly had joined the list of stars — Tom DeLay, Mya, Mark Dacascos … who’ve been injured. She slammed her foot into a shoe buckle during the paso doble but didn’t let the pain stop her from performing the group hustle — barefeet! The reality TV star went to the hospital to get her foot checked and will be able to dance next week, according to a show rep.

Battle of the Paddle: When the usually tough-to-please Len Goodman handed out higher scores than Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli, the audience showed their support. After his fellow judges gave Louie Vito a 7 (while he awarded him an 8 ) for his Argentine tango, Len waved his score paddle in the air as the crowd cheered — all while Carrie Ann and Bruno playfully smacked the head judge with their score cards.

Pen Pals: All three judges took a quick timeout to sign a black DWTS T-shirt for a birthday girl celebrating her sweet 16, but Bruno had some trouble writing with the metallic pens. When the ink splattered on his clothes and face, crew members rushed to clean up his suit and Carrie Ann used tissue to wipe his face. “Oh it doesn’t matter,” Tonioli said. “It’s just a little glitter!”

Spare Change: Why did Michael Irvin give Bruno a nickel, the one he had placed in his, um, bottom to get the correct posture for the paso doble? “I told him, this is my appreciation for you, to you guys the judges for pushing me,” the former football pro said after the show. “I couldn’t believe it. He took the nickel and put it in his pocket! I would’ve been like, ‘Thank you Michael,’ and just left it on the table. It was the nickel I really did use!”

Buddy’s Hustle: The group’s disco dance at the end of Monday’s show wasn’t just for the pros and the stars — it also got a Schwimmer family member in on the action. Lacey‘s dad, Buddy, who was seated in the audience wearing sunglasses and a long blond wig, went unrecognized. “Before we danced I was walking up the stairs and I said, what is that person wearing?!” recalled Lacey. “Then the guy waves and I was like, oh my God. It’s Dad. You know when you get older how your parents like to embarrass you? Well that was one of my moments, but it was on live television!”

Adam Larkey/ABC