By People Staff
April 20, 2010 12:00 AM
Adam Larkey/ABC

FRISKY BUSINESS: Recreating Tom Cruise‘s iconic underwear scene from Risky Business was, well, risky for Jake Pavelka. He’s jumped into hot tubs on The Bachelor, but dancing the cha cha in undies required baby steps. “I rehearsed for the first time today in underwear and there was about five ,” Pavelka tells PEOPLE. “Then about 20 , and then for dress rehearsal about 40 . And then we did it tonight for about 25 million .” Pavelka’s partner, Chelsie Hightower, “was loving every minute of it,” she says. “I was laughing my head off.” Meanwhile, Derek Hough was impressed: “I love how he just comes out and doesn’t hold back. He just goes for it,” he says. “There’s no way my chicken legs are ever making an appearance on this show!”

GETTIN’ JIGGLY WITH IT: Len Goodman said Niecy Nash needed more bounce in her jive and less in her “bazookas.” But her partner disagrees. “If she didn’t bounce,” Louis van Amstel says, “the top wouldn’t bounce the way they did.” Nash defends her voluptuousness: “If there was a category for best jiggly parts on the leader board I would win. Why? Because I’m the only person in this competition with jiggly parts.” When asked about potential wardrobe malfunctions, Nash says, “I don’t even think about being part of Nipplegate 2010. If I am, I welcome it because … seeing this would be a gift.”

WHAT’S NEXT? During rehearsals, Cheryl Burke felt pressure to make sure her quickstep with Chad Ochocinco was the best it could be. Because of that, she didn’t indulge her partner in any playful banter. “I wanted to get the job done. Our relationship hasn’t changed,” Burke swears. “The ring is still on. I haven’t divorced him!” Burke has been sporting the $10,000 diamond ring her partner gave her earlier this season (he says it’s a thank you for her hard work) on her wedding ring finger. Why there? “This is where he wants it,” Burke says. Actually, Ocho says, “I guessed her ring size and that’s the finger it fit.” What will he give her if they win the competition? “When it happens then you’ll find out,” he says.

DOWN BUT NOT OUT: They can handle getting the lowest scored of the night, but hearing the judges’ harsh comments are another story for Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani, who both got visits from their families this week. Bruno called Gosselin was “catatonic” and said Dovolani could have gotten more out of a “frock on a coat hanger.” “It hit me hard tonight that her kids and my kids watch the judges be mean to their parents every week,” Dovolani says. Gosselin says the judges’ reaction “is getting a little bit more difficult for me,” but she’s defiant. “Knock me down as many times as you need to,” she says, “I’ll still get up.”

FAMILY MATTERS: Having loved ones around this week lessened the sting for the pair. “It is amazing to have my wife Lina here,” he tells PEOPLE. “Her timing is impeccable. It’s as if she knew I was going to need her this week.” Meanwhile, Gosselin’s eight children also paid a visit. “To have my little chickies under my wings was ridiculously wonderful,” she says. “There was a new bounce in my step to have them close and know that I could feed them breakfast and take them to Disneyland for a little bit. They laughed harder than they have in a long time.” Adam Larkey/ABC