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April 15, 2008 12:00 AM

The Little Booty That Could… And Did Despite early missteps, crowd-pleasing Marissa Jaret Winokur keeps chugging along, and though she dubbed herself the “little engine that could”, the bubbly, sequined wonder gave credit for her high scores where credit was due. “Actually, it was the ‘little booty that could’, it really was!” She said of her rocking rump, “I shook it as much as I could, and I have a lot to shake, but that’s just what God gave me.” Thank God for the booty, indeed, “I am thanking God for my booty,” Winokur laughed, ” and my man thanks God for my Booty too!”

Marissa Hearts DWTS Too! Winoker admits she’s a fan of’s I Love DWTS and wants the world to know. “Put it out there,” the excitable actress gushed, “I’m it’s number one fan, I’m obsessed with it! I forward it to every single person that I know! I love everything about it, and I don’t even care if he talks about me, or doesn’t talk about me!”

Jason: Linebacker or Tiny Dancer? Jason Taylor blushed when reminded that partner Edyta said that he had “a tiny dancer” inside of him that was bursting to get out. “I don’t know how to respond to that,” Taylor laughed, “She is bringing it out of me, but the biggest thing is that I’m having fun doing it. Still, NFL quarterbacks beware, the six-time Pro Bowler knows to expect a little trash talking, and is prepared to respond in kind, “It depends on how much trash they are talking,” Taylor says, smiling, “But if I get a sack, and they have been talking trash, I’ll let them know that a ‘dancer’ just got them.”

How to Stop a Runaway Sequined Train With Kristi and Mark wowing the judges–and scoring the night’s high of 29–most of the contestants admit to be dancing for second place. Marlee Matlin couldn’t help admitting a little defeat. “She is so good,” the actress said of Yamaguchi, “At this point, I’m just competing against myself.” “We’re are all fighting for the second place,” Cristian de la Fuente said. Shannon Elizabeth had a less-kind, but more proactive plan to deal with the Kristi situation, “I’m hiring somebody with a metal pole to take her leg out,” She joked, “I’m going to go Harding on her, but what sucks is that, if it happens, I’m the first suspect.”

Just Call Him ‘Poopie’ Mario and Karina opened the show with a rocking Samba, but more attention was paid to Mario’s new nom de sequin, “Poopie”. “He was sad, and he couldn’t get the steps,” Karina said of her partner, “And I was like, ‘Poopie, it’ll be okay’ , and now he’s ‘Mario, the Poopie’. “I’m sure there are some guys from the neighborhood that will want to call me ‘poopie’,” Mario says, “but when Karina says it, it sounds genuine. We are practicing twenty-four hours a day together, so I will need that ‘poopie’ comfort when times get hard.” — Reagan Alexander

Photos: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; WENN;Splash News

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