After a few false starts, Mitchell and Cam finally tied the knot in the sitcom's season finale Wednesday

May 21, 2014 11:40 PM
Credit: Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC

It may not be the wedding of the century, but it was definitely one viewers have been waiting for.

On Wednesday night’s episode of ABC’s Modern Family, there were a lot of obstacles, but fan favorites Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) finally got hitched in one of the first scripted gay weddings shown on primetime network TV.

Here are a few highlights from the show’s snafu-filled festivities.

The Love Bus
After an encroaching wildfire ruined the original wedding plan in last week’s episode, Cam, Mitchell and the rest of the party must evacuate via school bus. With the help of their hilariously frazzled wedding planner (Nathan Lane) they land a new venue that has miraculously become available.

Phil to the Rescue
With their very pregnant officiant out of commission after her water breaks, ever-eager Phil (Ty Burrell) reveals he secretly got ordained online, and with the couple’s blessing, begins to plot out the best (meaning worst) jokes to use at the podium.

An Awkward Kiss
Kissing is customary at weddings, but Mitch gets a surprise smooch when Cam’s mom Mother Tucker (Celia Weston), who’d been drinking heavily thanks to Mitchell’s father, Jay (Ed O’Neill), planted a big wet one right on his lips. Safe to say she’s not his type.

Wedding Crashers
Just as Mitchell and Cam are attempting to walk down the aisle for the second time, another wedding party stakes a claim on their venue, uprooting the family and guests once again. Cam’s all but convinced their wedding’s cursed.

No More Lilies
By the time guests head over to the couple’s house and cram in for a third try, poor flower girl Lily (who’s adorably dressed in a yellow Belle costume) has all but run out of petals to throw. But the resourceful little one knows how to recycle her way down the aisle, dropping, picking up, and re-dropping her lone flower.

Wardrobe Malfunction
As Mitch’s Best Person, his sister Claire (Julie Bowen) tries hard to keep it together, but her poor dress just can’t catch a break. From pollen stains to a Phil-induced fall in the shower, her wedding garb ends up just as wrecked as the couple’s nuptials.

What Are Fathers For?
Mitchell and Cam were ready to call it all off, but dad Jay swoops in for the save. After calling in a favor, he gets the party moved to his picturesque country club just in time for sunset. To top off the tender moment a proud Jay takes his place at Mitch’s side, walking his son down the aisle to his new husband.

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