By People Staff
Updated November 12, 2008 12:00 AM
Jason DeCrow/AP

After numerous injuries to both the contestants and the pros, is it any wonder some think the Dancing with the Stars stage cursed?

“I’ve been joking that it’s like Phantom of the Opera,” former DWTS contestant Misty May-Treanor told PEOPLE at Monday’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards, where she was honored with volleyball partner Kerri Walsh. “Something’s going on with the stage. I’m just waiting for one of the stage lights to fall. But you know, it’s a sport and it’s difficult and it can really take a toll on your body. When you’re tired things happen.”

May-Treanor dropped out of the competition after rupturing her Achilles tendon, and is one of many casualties of the ballroom this season. Though it’s been over five weeks since bowing out of the show, the Olympic volleyball star is disappointed her time was cut short. “I want to go back! If I get eliminated I want to go out the right way, like I suck or they’re like, ‘boo!’ I don’t want to be like OK, I have to stop,” said May-Treanor. Now that the competition is down to the final four, who does she think is going to win? “I mean, Brooke looks like she’s the front-runner,” she said. “But Cody, Julianne could come back out of nowhere. Lance doubts himself a lot but I like watching him and Lacey. They bring kind of an edginess to the ballroom. I have to cheer on the fellow athletes but I can’t pick just one person.”

The volleyball champ hobbled on crutches at the event and said she also gets around with the help of a wheelchair and scooter. She says she’s currently in physical therapy twice a week and hopes to be walking on her own again “in three or four weeks.” –Kathy Ehrich-Dowd

Jason DeCrow/AP