The Steve Harvey Show host is welcoming Gutiérrez and Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach next week
Credit: NBC

The host welcomes Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and the woman he mistakenly crowned, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez, to The Steve Harvey Show for a two-episode special Monday and Tuesday called Miss Universe: The Truth.

In part 2 of the special, which has already taped, he meets with Gutiérrez, 22, for an emotional conversation. According to Steve Harvey Show producers, Gutiérrez reveals how the aftermath of the flub has affected her – and if she is ready to forgive Harvey.

“This has caused a lot of sleepless nights for me,” Harvey says in a promo clip. “I didn’t do any interviews until I could talk to the two people who were affected the most, Pia and Ariadna. No matter how tough it was for me, I can’t imagine how it was for these two women. This finally gives me a chance to have a moment of closure.”

Harvey, 58, also reveals that his family has received death threats for the mishap, causing him to fear to allow his children to go out in public.

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In Monday’s episode, Wurtzbach tells Harvey that she forgives him for initially not crowning her the winner.

“Don’t beat yourself up for this anymore. Let’s move forward, let’s just be happy,” Wurtzbach, 26, says.

Harvey mistakenly crowned runner-up Gutiérrez as the winner of the pageant on live television. Shortly after he returned to the stage to correct his mistake – and has apologized multiple times for the mistake.

The Steve Harvey Show‘s Miss Universe special airs Monday and Tuesday (check local listings).