Miss France Hopeful Dies After Being Struck by a Tractor-Trailer While Cycling

Morgane Rolland was cycling with a friend last week when she swerved to avoid a car and was hit by the trailer

Photo: Miss Isère Organisation/ Instagram

A Miss France hopeful has died after being struck by a tractor-trailer.

On Friday, Morgane Rolland, 22, was cycling with a friend on a small road in Loire when she swerved off the pavement, to avoid a car, and was hit by the trailer, Le Figaro reported.

Within seconds, Morgane was pulled under the truck after getting stuck between the tractor and it’s trailer — which was filled with logs, according to Le Figaro.

Emergency responders arrived on the scene in hopes of rescuing Morgane and discovered she suffered cardiac arrest, the local outlet reported.

She was then airlifted to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Both Rolland’s friend and the driver of the truck were unharmed, but very “shocked,” radio network France Bleu reported.

After news of her death broke, Sylvie Tellier, the National Director of Miss France, paid tribute to Rolland on Instagram

Morgane Rolland Instagram
Morgane Rolland. Morgane Rolland Instagram

“When fate steals the life of a young 22-year-old woman, we can only be upset by this tragedy,” Tellier wrote.

“Have a nice trip to the land of angels, beautiful Morgane!”

“Deep thoughts for her parents, her fiancé, her family and for the Miss Loire committee who had the opportunity to share moments of happiness with Morgane,” Tellier added.

Morgane Rolland Instagram
Morgane Rolland. 7039911 Instagram

Before her life was tragically cut short, Morgane was gearing up for a pageant that would allow her to compete for Miss France after being named the runner-up in the 2017 Miss Loire contest, according to La Chaîne Info.

In addition to being a beauty queen, Rolland was a volunteer firefighter and loved to travel.

Earlier this month, she shared a photo of herself backpacking in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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