Mira Sorvino Talks About Being on 'House' & Not Being on 'DWTS'

Photo: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Scoring a guest role on a top-rated show that airs directly after the Super Bowl is quite a touchdown, but that’s not what attracted the “not very sports savvy” Mira Sorvino to her gig on Sunday’s episode of House. It’s actually her favorite show. In fact, being on the set made her so excited she felt like a “stupid kid.” During a recent press conference, the Oscar-winning actress talked TV and revealed the show she would love to do — if only her management would let her.

“I’m a crazy House fan,” says Sorvino, who also made that fact abundantly clear to Hugh Laurie years ago when the two met up at the Golden Globe Awards. So when the writers came up with “one of the best female characters they’d ever written” — a psychiatrist trapped at the South Pole who falls ill and needs Dr. House to treat her via web cam — they tapped Sorvino to play the role. Though only one episode, there’s been talk it could turn into more after the writers’ strike ends. “I would love to come back for an extended arc,” she says. “It would be fun.”

When not watching House, Sorvino says must-see TV for her is So You Think You Can Dance?.

“I love that show,” the mom of two tells PEOPLE. “It’s so silly but I love dancing and I think it’s one of the only shows on TV I can watch with 3-year-old and 1 1/2-year-old because there’s nothing violent about it or scary. Even the criticism is not really mean. Sometimes on American Idol they’re so vicious it almost sends a bad message for kids that they have to be perfect or are going to mock them painfully. So You Think You Can Dance? has a spirit of fun to it and it’s something I can watch when my kids are awake.”

Does that mean she’ll lace up her dancing shoes for the next round of Dancing with the Stars? Don’t count on it. “I would but my management wouldn’t let me,” she tells reporters. “The problem is the way that they categorized the contestants. On Jimmy Kimmel… I was talking about how I was a fan of the show and he said: “Oh you mean Dancing with the D-List Celebrities.” And that was so mean and not fair, but at the same time unfortunately that’s the way look at the actors who do it. You can be the biggest sports figure in the world — the best boxer — and no harm, no foul, but something about doing it as an actor right now sends out the message that there are problems in your career, which shouldn’t be the case. But that’s the way regard it. As soon as that goes away, I’m there… I’m on it that second. I love it that much.” Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

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