"I just do a lot of martial arts training," the actress says of getting ready to shoot the ABC show

By Karen Sevilla
Updated June 29, 2011 11:00 AM
Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

She played a Texas cheerleader on Friday Night Lights but now Minka Kelly is preparing for her role as a tough crime fighter on ABC’s upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot.

“There’s actually a secret bad-ass tough girl inside me,” Kelly told PEOPLE at the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show in New York on Tuesday. “No one’s actually seen it yet, so it’s very exciting.”

Kelly, 31, will play Eve French, a new Angel who’s an “expert with cars,” she said. “[My character] since the age of 13 has been building cars from the ground up. She’s a professional driver that drives muscle cars and things like that.”

The show, which is set to premiere Sept. 22, will be shot in Miami. “I’m going to work,” Kelly said of her summer plans. “In a week I’m going to Miami to shoot the show.”

In the meantime, she’s preparing to kick some butt. “I have a trainer,” she said, “and I just do a lot of martial arts training.”