September 20, 2016 12:00 PM

Mindy Project fans, rejoice! The show is back and better than ever for its fifth season.

In a PEOPLE exclusive premiere of the season’s first trailer, Mindy Lahiri’s (Mindy Kaling) former fiancé, Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), returns after she knocks on his door with a wedding invitation in her hand.

“What is wrong with you?” Mindy asks Danny while holding up the invitation.

His soon-to-be bride? None other than Sarah Branum, a nurse at his new practice, played by Greta Gerwig.


Despite the awkward moment, Mindy seems to take it all in stride, pursuing future romantic interests in the forms of some very tall men.

“I’m very attracted to you. You’re tall and rugged and handsome like a lumberjack in a porno,” she tells a possible interest.

Season 5 will also introduce some new characters, including Bryan Greenberg who will portray Ben, Mindy’s son’s male nurse.

“Guess I’m not the spoiled, rich princess you thought I was,” Mindy tells Ben. “More like a hooker with a heart of gold and a bangin’ bod.”

Season 5 of The Mindy Project returns to Hulu on Oct. 4.

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