Watch Mindy Kaling Do an '80s Dance Workout with Kevin Hart for YouTube Originals' 'What The Fit'

"I gotta do a quick wedgie check," Mindy Kaling says in PEOPLE's exclusive preview of the episode

Mindy Kaling and Kevin Hart are getting their groove on!

On Thursday, the 40-year-old actress will join Hart for the latest episode in his YouTube Originals web series, Kevin Hart: What the Fit, taking part in a hilarious ’80s-themed dance workout routine.

“I gotta do a quick wedgie check,” Kaling says in PEOPLE’s exclusive preview of the episode before the pair are taught the dance routine.

The actress, 40, appears fully in theme with a blonde wig, neon-zebra bodysuit and bright-pink leg warmers. Hart, 40, joins her with a wig of his own, styled with a sweatband to match his brightly colored tracksuit.

Kevin Hart Mindy Kaling What The Fit

“This is what we’ve been waiting for, Mindy!” he says, as the pair are taught a boppy routine to some ’80s tunes.

While Kaling seems to get the hang of it, the Jumanji: The Next Levelstar appears to struggle with a few of the sequences, asking the instructor what to do after his “hip roll.”

“We’re back over here, over here,” the instructor tells Hart, who spins around in confusion.

Kevin Hart Mindy Kaling What The Fit

Kaling and Hart then talk about their favorite part of the routine, before Hart asks if he can choreograph an additional move.

“Shannon, do you mind if I, like, take you guys through a little step?” he asks. “Maybe we switch, maybe I take the middle because I’m in control, I’m in charge.”

“From the top! Five, six, seven, eight!” he then yells, taking the group through the dance before adding a series of claps at the very end and asking, “Nobody had trouble with that?”

Kevin Hart Mindy Kaling What The Fit

Kaling begins to laugh and responds, “How could you have trouble with two claps?”

The comedian then jokes that he plans to have the group do a front flip after the two claps. “No time to rehearse it, just go for it.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Hart expressed his love for the show and its message about living a healthy lifestyle.

“I love What the Fit because it combines my love of comedy and fitness and friends,” he said. “This season is our best yet. It’s beyond hilarious.”

The actor — who survived a terrifying car accident in September — recently opened up to his fans about his recovery from the crash, during which he sustained major back injuries.

He shared an Instagram clip of his gym training session in February, showing off his boxing skills with help from a coach.

“It’s all coming back…slowly but surely,” Hart said of his skills, adding, “Patience is what’s most important at this point. Is it easy? Absolutely not….but I’m loving every minute of it.”

After undergoing emergency back surgery following his accident, the star has dedicated several months to his recovery, explaining in his video caption, “the journey to becoming a greater me continues….”

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