"The Democrats are the party of Lena Dunham," Yiannopoulos said
Credit: HBO

This article originally appeared on EW.com.

Bill Maher and Milo Yiannopoulos had their controversial showdown on HBO’s Real Time on Friday night, though there were fewer sparks than some had perhaps expected.

The liberal talk show host and conservative Breitbart editor tried to find common ground during an 11-minute discussion, which made national headlines earlier this week after a previously scheduled Real Time guest (The Intercept co-founder Jeremy Scahill) dropped out of the show to protest Yiannopoulos’ booking.

“The reason [liberals] want to police humor is they can’t control it — because the one thing all authoritarians hate is the sound of laughter,” Yiannopoulos said.

“And also because when people laugh they know it’s true,” Maher agreed. “… You are so helped by the fact that liberals always take the bait.”

“Nothing annoys people like the truth,” Yiannopoulos concurred. “Policing humor for racism and sexism is utterly wrongheaded. Not because normally it’s not there but because that’s how we build bridges and not how we break them.”

Yet Yiannopoulos made blatant sexist comments during the interview, criticizing Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman as people who “used to be funny before they contracted feminism.”

“You’re literally the only good [liberal],” Yiannopoulos added, before slamming Girls creator and star Lena Dunham as the poster woman for the Democratic party’s issues. “The Democrats are the party of Lena Dunham. These people are mental, hideous people, and the more that America sees of Lena Dunham, the fewer votes that the Democratic Party is going to get.”

“Let’s not pick on fellow HBO stars,” Maher replied, drawing laughs. “There are so many other people.”

“I hurt people for a reason,” Yiannopoulos said. “I like to think of myself as a virtuous troll.”

Yiannopoulos’ trolling made national headlines last year after he was barred from Twitter for attacking Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. During the Friday night interview, Maher brought up the Jones incident and Yiannopoulos doubled down on his hateful rhetoric against the SNL star.

“I read a bad review of the movie. I said she look like a dude, she does. I said she’s barely literate, she is. And I simply don’t accept that the star of a Hollywood blockbuster is sitting in a Hollywood mansion crying over mean words on the Internet — get over it. Mean words on the Internet don’t hurt anyone,” he said.

Maher countered that some people would say that Yiannopoulos has inspired real-life violence with his messaging. “Well then they would be idiots,” he replied, and at one point said to the Real Time audience, “You’re very easily triggered it’s pathetic.”

Yiannopoulos also took aim Scahill for canceling on Maher. “That silly man who had a hissy fit,” Yiannopoulos called him. “If you don’t show up to debate, you lose.”

He added, “Stop taking the bait, liberals. The fact that they all freaked out about an impish, British f–. You schoolgirls.”

Yiannopoulos’ booking on the HBO weekly talk show to promote his upcoming book, Dangerous, was considered controversial given his views which many consider sexist and racist. Earlier this month, a planned speech by Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley was canceled a couple of hours before the event “out of concern for public safety.”