"The end of the season may hurt a little bit," Milo Ventimiglia warns This Is Us fans

By Katherine Richter
March 03, 2017 11:04 AM
Bennett Raglin/WireImage

Milo Ventimiglia has already written a sweet note to prep This Is Us fans for emotional episodes. His next strategy for fans mourning the emotional roller coaster of the NBC hit drama’s first season? Canine therapy!

“Maybe get a puppy?” Ventimiglia, 39, told PEOPLE on March 2. “A ‘support animal’ I think they call them nowadays. But it’s just an idea that, find a loved one — someone you care about — and hold them tight because the end of the season may hurt a little bit.”

Ahead of last week’s episode, Ventimiglia teased that the Pearson family would celebrate William (Ron Cephas Jones), who died in the Feb. 21 installment, “Memphis.”

Said Ventimiglia, “When you have a character as beloved as William is … you have to believe that they’re going to celebrate his life [as an] inspiration. William was never a dour man. He was someone who I think really capture life well, and I would like to think they’re going to celebrate him in an unpredictable way.”

He added, “Don’t watch it alone!”


Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth Pearson — the wife of Sterling K. Brown‘s Randall — on the hit NBC drama, said fans would see her character grapple with the loss, too.

“I think [Beth] has done a lot in terms of trying to help facilitate [William’s] medical needs and also started to be there as a friend. They’ve gone through a lot on an everyday basis,” Kelechi Watson told PEOPLE earlier this month. “To see her now have an opportunity to kind of metabolize the fact that he’s gone, that’s something I can say you’re going to have a chance to see.”

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Despite the emotional subject matter, Ventimiglia revealed he and costar Mandy Moore have teamed up to keep moments on set light, especially for the kids playing the Big Three.

“One day, I brought to set these little wooden tops that I picked up in Japan, and I gave them to all three kids. I had one for Mandy and me to use as well, so we could all do it together and make a game out of it, see who could spin it the longest and all that,” Ventimiglia shared. “I always try and keep the kids engaged, focused, but also let them be kids.”

And the teenage actors playing Kate, Randall and Kevin add another dynamic.

“It’s interesting the difference between the teenage actors versus the little ones versus the full-on adults! They’re all very interested in watching one another and keeping up with how they perform.”

This Is Us airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on NBC.