The This Is Us star was a freshmen in high school when he first locked lips with a girl

By Natalie Stone
June 28, 2017 05:41 PM

Everyone remembers their first kiss — and Milo Ventimiglia is no exception.

For the This Is Us star, he was around the age of 15 when he first locked lips with a girl.

“I was a freshman in high school. I remember something just turned in me,” he shared in an interview with W Magazine.

“It might have been a friend of mine who was older than me who liked this girl, but he was kind of picking on her. And he’s like, ‘Well, you should just kiss Milo.’ And I was literally, ‘Huh?’ It was at my friend’s house,” Ventimiglia, 39, explained to the publication. “I think this beautiful girl, her name was Michelle. And I remember she walked up and just grabbed me, and pulled me in and kissed me. And I couldn’t leave the couch after that.”

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According to Ventimiglia, he immediately felt a flurry of emotions come over him when he experienced the monumental life moment.

“I was shocked and terrified and in love and feeling something I’d never really felt before. And it was amazing and I wanted it again,” he said, and added, “but that was my friend Roger’s girl that he was kind of dating. Yeah, I think that one definitely put me on my ass.”

Although the event took place over 20 years ago, he recalls the “good memory” like it was yesterday.

“It lasted a long time, the memory of it. You don’t think about those things, and then the question is asked, and you’re right back there in that moment,” he said. “It’s, Oh, man, I remember everything.”

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The actor, who plays fan-favorite character Jack Pearson on the hit NBC drama, recently opened up to PEOPLE about why he decided to be less public with his personal life.

“What I always try to do is minimize my personal life,” he said. “Listen, I go to the store, I go get my car fixed, I have friends, I have a life, but nobody needs to know about it. Because I’m just the same as anyone else.”

“I don’t think of myself as anything more than a person who sits in the living room with you telling you a story,” he continued. “I just happen to be in 16 million living rooms. So for me, I never want to ruin that experience so I try and keep my private life private and let the characters and the work be the experience for an audience.”

This Is Us returns for season 2 this fall on NBC.