March 28, 2017 09:10 AM

While many Hollywood stars rarely go a day without updating their Instagram accounts, Milo Ventimiglia has been noticeably absent — for the past four years.

After all this time, he This Is Us star has finally revealed why he quit the picture-sharing app: it changed.

Ventimiglia told the Associated Press that as someone who had an interest in photography since childhood, he was a big fan of Instagram at first.

“It started as a place [for] a collective group of photographers and artists to share their work, and their lives,” the 39-year-old actor explained. “And at a certain point — after doing it for three years — I saw it change.”

He continued, “Nobody was looking at the photos. They were asking me about my acting jobs. And I kinda went, ‘Oh, man.’ It felt like it’d lost what I’d grown to love about it as a photographer.”

Ventimiglia has made rare appearances on his own feed, opting instead to show off his skills with artsy snaps of architecture, city skylines and other everyday sights.

Upon realizing that he was approaching a nice, round total of 1,200 images on the app, Ventimiglia posted his final photo in January 2013: a photo of the Los Angeles skyline at night and the caption, “Finito.”

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“I realized, ‘Wow, this capsule is done.’ I just finished it,” the actor said. “And I don’t need to open it back up to promote the work or anything. I felt like an artist who had a series and he just finished.”

However, Instagram later removed one of his photos — he can’t remember what the shot was — for violating their rules, bringing his total to a less precise 1,999.

At least fans can hold out hope that he’ll choose to add one more photo someday.

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