Milo Ventimiglia Talks 'This Is Us', Kelley Blue Book and His Girlfriend Kelly Egarian

"I don't know how interesting my life is any more than anyone else's," Milo Ventimiglia tells PEOPLE

Though he brought girlfriend Kelly Egarian with him to this year’s Emmy Awards, Milo Ventimiglia is keeping details about his relationship private, he said while catching up with PEOPLE at the Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buy Awards at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Monday.

“I try to minimize myself so people can see the character and can really dive into the work,” the This Is Us star, 40, tells PEOPLE about keeping his personal life and relationships out of the spotlight.

In fact, Ventimiglia, who recently partnered with Kelley Blue Book for the brand’s 2018 Best Buy Awards, tries to keep the majority of his personal life under wraps.

“I try and remain as anonymous and invisible as I can so it doesn’t take away from the experience of the men that I play,” the actor shares. “I don’t know how interesting my life is any more than anyone else’s.”

He adds, “I got to feed myself, I got to get to the gym, I have family, I have close friends and loved ones.”

Ventimiglia also opens up about why he joined forced with Kelly Blue Book: “I’ve used it since I was a kid and I know it’s been an industry standard for so long, that gold standard that people trust. If I can be a part of something that gives confidence to buyers and sellers than yeah, let me work with them.”

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In September, Ventimiglia and 31-year-old marketing coordinator Egarian — who have yet to confirm their relationship publicly — were spotted hand-in-hand at a post-Emmys dinner at the Governors Ball for their first official appearance together.

While fans know little about his romance, Ventimiglia has heard about how his beloved character Jack Pearson has made an impact on This Is Us fans.

“I keep hearing about people Jack Pearson-ing. It’s funny,” he says laughing about the TV dad’s ability to romantically sweep someone off their feet.

“I hear that and think, ‘What do you mean you get drunk and buy a necklace for your girl?’ No, I’ve never gotten drunk and bought a necklace,” Ventimiglia adds.

Ventimiglia also reveals that the car his This Is Us character drives, a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle, really belongs to him in real life!

“Originally it was scripted that Jack was driving a 1968 Camarro and I told them, ‘Guys not a Camaro. If you’re going with classic muscle in that year, this is what it should be,'” he says. “And then they were like, ‘We’re having a hard time finding a certain car but yours is pretty period correct, would you mind?’ And I said, ‘Yeah of course!’ So they use my car.”

Earlier this year, Ventimiglia sat down with PEOPLE and shared why he intentionally decided to be less public with his personal life.

“I feel like there’s a currency to your personal life and your performance — your acting, your work,” he said. “If that personal life starts to outweigh what the work is, then your work suffers. Your actual performance suffers because the audience won’t see the character, they’ll see you. And then you’re just playing yourself, but you’re playing a version of yourself that’s not yourself.”

“I have a life, but nobody needs to know about it. Because I’m just the same as anyone else,” Ventimiglia said.

KBB’s Best Buy Awards recognizes and ranks new vehicles with the automotive research firm evaluating hundreds of cars before naming winners in 12 categories each year. The awards process involves driving cars and accounting for financial factors such as resale value and the cost to own a vehicle over five years.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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