He'll be there May 22 even though he got a sneak preview, the Heroes star says

By Dimi Gaidatzi
Updated April 21, 2008 09:20 AM
Credit: Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

Television may have been the theme, but film was the king at the British Academy TV awards at London’s Palladium Sunday.

In fact, all Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia wanted to talk about ws the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. “I am a huge Indiana Jones fan,” Ventimiglia told PEOPLE. “May 22, I will be there.”

Alan Dale, the OC‘s Caleb, who has a small part in the Indiana film, was rather secretive as to what we should expect, adding even more to its mystique.

“I am not allowed to say. But working with Harrison Ford was fun. He is very professional,” Dale said.

Is Ford in top form then?

“He is unbelievably good. It is amazing for his age. He is in incredible form, did all his own stunts, I mean at least all the major physical stuff and he was terrific,” John Hurt, who has the role of Abner Ravenwood, told journalists, adding, “He can’ t run as fast as me though. We were running quite a lot in the film.”

Besides a preview on the new Indiana Jones movie, courtesy of Hurt, Ventimiglia, along with his costar Adrian Pasdar, also received an award best international show. Heroes beat out Californication, My Name is Earl and Family Guy for the honor.

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