Milo Ventimiglia Can't Name Three Songs by On-Screen Wife Mandy Moore (but Comes Close!)

Milo Ventimiglia is missing out on some amazing music by his This Is Us costar, Mandy Moore

Milo Ventimiglia needs to brush up on his Mandy Moore discography!

The 40-year-old actor revealed during a round of Plead the Fifth on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that he’s not exactly well-versed when it comes to his This Is Us costar’s music.

When challenged to name three songs from his on-screen wife’s days as a pop star, Ventimiglia struggled to come up with answers.

“I think her album was called Candy, and wasn’t there a song called ‘Crush’ ?” he said, before admitting he couldn’t name a third tune.

“I know she was only 15 when she was driving the bug,” he said, seemingly referring to the Volkswagan Beetles in her music video for “Candy.” “Oh man, I don’t know the rest.”

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Perhaps the problem was that Ventimiglia was too quick to use his one chance to “plead the fifth” and not answer during the game. In fact, he took the measure for the very first question, when Cohen asked the star to name a plot from his show Gilmore Girls that “jumped the shark.”

The one question Ventimiglia didn’t struggle with was from his castmate Chrissy Metz, who asked who was the hottest actor on their hit show. He happily gave Justin Hartley the top honors, followed closely by Sterling K. Brown.

“I’m definitely the bronze medal,” the actor said. “I’m third place on that whole thing.”

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Despite not being super familiar with her music, Ventimiglia and Moore have nothing but admiration for each other. In fact, Moore recently called her onscreen hubby her “partner in crime.”

“Also this guy. A little BTS shot to illustrate that we do know how to have fun on set,” Moore captioned a candid and laughing photo of herself and Ventimiglia on Instagram. “The ultimate partner in crime. There’s no Rebecca without Jack. ❤ you, @miloanthonyventimiglia.”

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