'Million Dollar Listing NY' 's Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis Reveal Their Week-Long Wedding Details: 'It Started at a Million Dollars'

Serhant and Bechrakis discuss their lavish wedding plans, "it started at a million dollar wedding," he tells PEOPLE

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Million Dollar Listing NY

‘s Ryan Serhant and his stunning bride-to-be, Emilia Bechrakis, tell PEOPLE that they will have an intimate, week-long wedding on an island in Greece in July – complete with dancing until dawn.

“I think it started at a million dollar wedding,” Serhant told PEOPLE at the 10th Annual Delete Blood Cancer DKMS gala at Cipriani Wall Street on Thursday. “That was day one. This is now four wedding planners and a year of planning later.”

“And then we started chipping away at that,” interjected Bechrakis, a lawyer for a Greek shipping container company turned real estate agent. “And with a lot of Greek noes, ‘no, no, nope,’ we managed to bring it down.”

After the couple divulged that the wedding will take place on an island in Greece in July, People asked if it would be Mama Mia-like in feeling.

“Oh, my God, I am not singing for you,” the 31-year-old informed Bechrakis. “But I would if you want me to, because I love you.”

“Yeah, no,” Bechrakis snapped back.

Will Bechrakis’ Greek family control the direction of the events?

“My family is from Greece, everybody is there,” she noted.

“I sort of follow along [on the email chain]. It’s going to be awesome,” Serhant agreed. “It’s Greece, the coolest place ever. I’m getting my family and friends out there.”

And do the couple consider their ceremony a large or small affair?

“We’re having a small wedding, intimate,” Bechrakis answered.

“A couple of hundred sounds like a lot to me,” explained Serhant. “Then you go to Greece and they’re like, ‘Is that just for the first day for tea? Because our normal wedding is like 2000 people.'”

Apparently, the week is full of wedding festivities that their four planners have mapped out and exceeds even Greek expectations.

“Because people are coming from so far,” the groom-to-be added. “So it will be cool, crazy. We have some surprises in store. And everyone will get to watch it – I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that.”

And yes, Bechrakis has chosen a gown.

“I have a wedding dress. Brand new, custom made,” she said. “But I’m not revealing the designer [just yet]. And no, it will not be black tie.”

“I could,” joked Serhant. “But I would be the sweatiest groom ever.”

Invites have yet to be sent, but you’d know already if you’re being invited.

“Everybody that’s going to be there, already knows,” Bechrakis informed PEOPLE. “They already have the information, but the formal invitations have not gone out yet.”

And will the competitive Million Dollar Listing NY star actually be able to take time away from his work?

“We will that week, he said. “Because I’m bringing everyone I work with, so no one can harass me. They’ll be there.”

Can one expect dancing until dawn, as is the custom on the Greek islands?

“Definitely,” answered Bechrakis.

Finally, will the understanding beauty he is marrying allow him to check his cell phone?

“I’ll give him breaks in between so he can do whatever he wants,” she kindly agreed.

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