Also for the photoshoot, Normal People's Paul Mescal emulated Matthew McConaughey in True Detective, and more stars dressed as their favorite TV characters

By Benjamin VanHoose
September 17, 2020 10:30 AM
Millie Bobby Brown
Charlie Brown for W magazine’s 2020 TV Portfolio

Millie Bobby Brown is channeling her favorite Friends character!

For W's new 2020 Television Portfolio, the magazine enlisted more than 20 TV stars to impersonate characters from their favorite shows that they binge-watched during quarantine. Brown, 16, became obsessed with the famous sitcom — and envious of star Jennifer Aniston's iconic hairdo as Rachel Green on the show.

"An icon! Rachel is my favorite. After all, she has a hairstyle named after her," said the Stranger Things star, who sported a 90s-inspired pleated skirt and white turtle neck to emulate Rachel. "I dream of people saying, 'I want the Eleven! Or the Enola!' I want my own hairstyle."

Brown, who plays Sherlock Holmes' sister in the upcoming Netflix mystery Enola Holmes, also opened up about wearing a corset for the first time to shoot the Victorian-era film.

Millie Bobby Brown
Charlie Brown for W magazine’s 2020 TV Portfolio

"That was the first corset I ever had to wear. I had a 20-inch waist in the corset. I thought, 'Wow! This is a fashion moment!'" she said. "But then I had to wear it while doing stunts, and I’d ask my costar Helena Bonham Carter, who has worn many corsets, 'Why can’t I breathe?'"

"I hope corsets never come back in style, but after wearing one for four months, I had an hourglass figure," said Brown. "Afterwards, I went to the beach, and for a solid month or two, I was curvy. Then quarantine happened and my hourglass died off. Very sad."

Julia Garner
Mark Foster for W magazine’s 2020 TV Portfolio

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Elsewhere in the W Magazine portfolio, several stars perfectly captured the essences of their favorite TV characters, including Julia Garner taking on Succession's Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, portrayed by Sarah Snook on the HBO drama.

"Like OzarkSuccession is the story of an intense family. I could have put on a wig and played Shiv’s brother, Roman Roy, who is more of a sarcastic, smart-talking misfit with a questionable past, but Shiv is the character I root for on the show," said Garner, 26, who won an Emmy for playing Ruth on Ozark.

Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy also appears in the photo shoot, dressing up as Nicholas Hoult in The Great — but shouted out reality television as his latest obsession, specifically the Real Housewives franchise.

Maya Erskine
Michael Angarano for W magazine’s 2020 TV Portfolio
Paul Mescal
India Mullen for W magazine’s 2020 TV Portfolio

"I started watching unscripted television this year for the first time. I never watched a Real Housewives franchise. I never watched dating shows. And yet, now I can't name one that I haven't watched," said Levy, 37. "I think just the priorities, in terms of wanting to sit down in front of something that is so mindlessly distracting that you don't have to think, is either a sad indication of where I'm at or just the reality that I'm listening to my heart and my brain at this point and saying, 'Okay, pick what you want, and let's do what we can to try and make the most out of a pretty trying time.'"

Putting a spotlight on Real Housewives of Atlanta, he said: “I think what I loved about it was that even when it was mean, people were laughing, and there was a kind of joy to it, even in the hysteria, and a level of self-awareness, which to me — I just don't want to know that people are getting legitimately upset. The world's too dark, which is why watching that show just brought me so much joy.”

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Other stars included in the portfolio range from Thandie Newton and Jeff Goldblum to John Mulaney and Rachel Brosnahan. PEN15's Maya Erskine hilariously dressed as her favorite Sopranos characters, and Normal People's Paul Mescal channeled Mathew McConaughey's 2014 role in True Detective.

"I’ve watched that show definitely three, maybe four times. I’m obsessed with that piece of television. I think it’s just nearly perfect," said Mescal, 24. "I just love that show so much. I think Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are pretty close to perfect. You can go back and watch it three or four times and not get bored."

"I think you get the trope of hypermasculine detectives, but also I think Matthew McConaughey’s character, Rust, in particular, is more introspective, which I always find more interesting to watch," he added.