"To live in the moment and to make mistakes is a big part of being a person," Brown said of the advice that she's taken to heart


Millie Bobby Brown remembers her first kiss like it was yesterday — but in case she forgets the milestone moment, there’s 250 other people who can jog her memory, plus camera footage.

At the age of 11, Brown auditioned for the role of Eleven on the Netflix drama fantasy. “I’ve never forgotten it, because it was so intuitive,” executive producer Shawn Levy tells Variety about the deep stare Brown gives to cameras throughout the show. “That this little person had such fierce power — that’s what took me aback. That same day the Duffers [brothers Matt and Ross, who created the show] and I knew she was the one.”

In addition to her powerful audition, there’s another moment that most definitely won’t be forgotten: her first smooch.

“It was a strange experience. Having 250 people looking at you kissing someone is like, ‘Whoa!’ ” Brown, 13, tells the publication in her October cover interview.

Audiences recall that in the season 1 finale, Brown’s Eleven locked lips with best friend Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard). And in the season 2 finale, the duo shared a second kiss during the school’s Snow Ball dance.

While the season 1 kiss was Brown’s first, Wolfhard insisted he had experience— although she thinks otherwise.

“He says I wasn’t, but I definitely think I was,” Brown said. “I think he was just trying to be cool.”

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Though Brown, who is deaf in one ear (“she was born with partial loss of hearing, and then her hearing faded away after years of tubes,” Variety reports), still calls the Stranger Things set home —season 3 is already in the works with a potential fourth to come, according to TVLine — there’s a few items that she saved as memorabilia.

“My blood that I put in my nose. And then some leftover tattoos,” she says of the fake blood she took home that is used to create Eleven’s bloody noses. “It was like a little bottle and I just kept it on me because I have a memory book, so I keep all my lipsticks from every awards show I went to. And then my envelope from the MTV Awards. And then the blood from Stranger Things.”

Credit: Zoey Grossman

With a bright future ahead of her — and countless members of Hollywood cheering her on, including costar David Harbour (he plays Chief Jim Hopper in the series) — there’s a key piece of advice that Brown has taken to heart that helps keeps things in perspective.

“To live in the moment and to make mistakes is a big part of being a person,” Brown said. “I’m still just a kid. I’m 13, and making mistakes is okay.”

Season 2 of Stranger Things in now streaming on Netflix.