The 22-year-old star appeared on the show donning the pasties along with a rainbow maxi skirt and cape

By Char Adams
August 27, 2015 01:20 PM

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves – Miley Cyrus prefers hers elsewhere.

The VMA host is known to push the envelope with her wardrobe choices, and she did not disappoint Wednesday night when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! wearing pink, heart-shaped pasties on her breasts.

“You are almost naked,” Kimmel declared.

Cyrus, 22, admitted that she was a bit cold, even though she wore a rainbow maxi skirt with a matching cape along with the clothing accessory.

“I would’ve worn a shirt,” she said, noting the chill in the studio. “Actually I wouldn’t have.”

Naturally, Kimmel blushed and announced that Cyrus’ outfit left him “flustered” before the two launched into a discussion about Cyrus’ VMA host status and her “uncomfortable” encounter with Paul McCartney.

But, of course, the conversation continued to circle back to the star’s wardrobe.

Kimmel noted that he has a 23-year-old daughter of his own and inquired what Billy Ray Cyrus thinks of his daughter’s attention-grabbing attire.

“My dad’s cool because, you know, I’m sure he’d maybe rather me not have my tits out all the time,” the “We Can’t Stop” singer said. “But he’d rather me have my tits out and be a good person than have a shirt on and be a bitch.”

The former Disney Channel actress showed off the outfit in an Instagram photo Wednesday night.

Unable to curb his fascination with Cyrus’ “tit pasties,” Kimmel asked how the 22-year-old keeps the clothing accessory secured.

Her answer: “I travel with a lot of tape.”