Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
October 02, 2015 12:00 PM

If Kanye West runs for president, Miley Cyrus wants to be vice president.

The singer, 22, joked about a bid for political office when she stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, just a couple days before she hosts Saturday Night Live.

At one point, Fallon brought up the comedy show’s epic 40th anniversary special in February, calling her performance “fantastic.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I was the only chick. I was the only girl and the only one that wasn’t old … er. Besides Kanye.”

That’s when Cyrus mentioned the 38-year-old rapper’s buzzed-about presidential announcement at the MTV VMAs in August.

“But even Kanye’s kinda old, compared to me,” she said. “But he’s about to be our future president, so I shouldn’t say too much.”

“I’m vice president, hello,” Fallon quipped.

The singer suggested the nation should actually prepare for a West-Cyrus ticket in 2020, telling Fallon, “Uh, you’ll have to fight me for it.”

Cyrus will have to keep her aspirations at bay for at least a decade, though – according to the U.S. Constitution, a person must be at least 35 to hold the position.

Earlier in the chat, Cyrus explained her “weird” interaction with Leonardo DiCaprio at the special.

“I was sitting there, and I was 20 feet, 15 feet from Leonardo DiCaprio sitting there with his mom,” she said. “He was hitting a vape pen, but it wasn’t him who was making me kind of nervous. I was feeling this emotion because there’s an etiquettecy [sic] of like, when we’re there, you need to pass that s—, Leo. And he never did. That was weird to me.”

Cyrus’ revelation only raised more questions for Fallon, who tried to clarify what was in DiCaprio’s device.

“Are they all drugs, or sometimes just cigarettes?” he asked.

Then Cyrus delivered her impression of DiCaprio, blinking her eyes.

“He was looking at me like this as I was performing,” she said. “He was like, ‘Hey, I really like it.’ ”

Fallon jokingly defended DiCaprio, saying, “That’s his normal face!”

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