By Maria Yagoda
Updated October 03, 2015 01:40 PM
Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

Miley Cyrus is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend for the third time.

While we can bank on the appearance being predictably unpredictable – I mean, just look at what she’s wearing in her promo videos – there are a few things we can definitely count on from the show. And since there is no better way to watch SNL than with discount red wine, we’ve created a drinking game companion that guarantees Saturday’s jokes will be even funnier.

First rule: drink responsibly! As for the others:

Take a sip every time Vanessa Bayer impersonates Miley.

This is the only thing we have ever known to be inevitable and true – Bayer’s old-school Miley impression is happening on Saturday. It must, we say! It must!

Take a sip every time Miley’s tongue is not in its proper place.

Take a swig for every Billy Ray Cyrus sighting.

(Because where else would he be? Seriously though. Where? How does he pass the time?)

Take an extra sip if Miley whips out her Justin Bieber impression.

That wink though.

Take a sip of water every time her, ahem, parts are minimally covered.

Hydration is important.

Finish your drink if Miley spoofs her Disney past.